publishing consultancy services

For authors and organisations looking for an alternative route to conventional publishing, Xceedia Limited has a range of publishing services depending on requirements. We also offer flexible printing options from as few as 50 copies to bulk printing of thousands of copies. Please send your manuscript description (type of book, audience , length in words etc) to

Plan A (Basic) - Editing and proofreading
- Book design
- Printing and publishing
Plan B - All services included in Plan A
- Ebook creation and distribution in major online stores (approximately 150 and including Amazon Kindle, Ceebo, ciando, iBookstore, Kobo )
- Facebook page for the book.
Plan C - All services included in Plan A and Plan B
- Book release announcement on major online portals
- Book launch/presentation event
Optional services: - Audiobook (narrated version of book) development and distribution in major online stores (approximately 10 including Amazon and Audible)
- Full author's website and blog.
Printing: - We offer both short run and bulk printing services to parties interested in simply printing their book - small publishers, authors, NGOs.We are particularly relevant for those who want short runs of a new publication for special events - launch , corporate promotion, archiving and so on. . We take your previously designed manuscript files (cover and text) and turn them into perfectly printed books. We are able to do short run of as few as 50 copies to bulk printing of thousands of copies.
Writing: - Do you have an idea for a book but no time to write it ? We offer book writing services for nearly any book category.Services range from basic development of outlines and writing of book proposal to delivery of completed manuscript. Rates are competitive and at par with international offerings.

To get an estimate, send your manuscript details to : or USE CONTACT FORM

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