new media

Web applications
If you run a business or any activity that requires participation by the public you really may not exist without a web site. But there is not just one way to build a web site ; the design, theme, structure and interactiveness must be right else the purpose may be defeated. To create an effective website, your developers must know what they are doing. We have been building websites since 2001; we know what works.
We not only build websites, we create useful web-hosted applications which can take your business to newer levels. We create ecommerce platforms, content management systems, social networking sites , intranets and just about any application tailored to your specific purpose.

Mobile applications
In more than half of the world today, access to internet is more commonly through mobile devices,. This is the fruit of the growing convergence between mobile and web applications. We create web-hosted mobile applications to give your web presence an even wider reach. We also create hybrid applications which combine the good points of a resident and web-hosted mobile applications to give your marketing even more flexibility.

We have asisted clients to create a range of video resources in marketing, explanatory, documentary, education, entertainment, and book trailer categories.

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