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We produce and market corporate and commercial communication needs. We especially create web site content, white papers, case studies, articles, training, documentation, books, videos, and slide presentations for high technology companies. We are able to assist our clients fuel their marketing campaigns and programs with high-value content that will motivate, inspire, and captivate customers. We also offer complete book development, publishing and marketing service in every format. We are affiliated to a network of online stores for collection and syndication of creative works.

Corporate books and Manuals
For corporate clients, we are able to research, develop, write and publish on practically any topic. We have a network of highly experienced technical authors who complement our own in-house editorial team and who are able to make a short work of your documentation needs.

Corporate blogging
Having new and interesting content relating to your business , posted regularly on your company website is a powerful promotional tool. It keeps visitors coming back to your website to view other core content , and also keeps your website high on the search engine pages. We are able to maintain your company blog with researched articles and news in practically any topic of your interest.

Commercial Publishing
You have written a book, but you have a problem or two. Publishers do not appear interested, or you just can't afford the long wait until a commercial publisher shows interest in your book , or even longer wait before the book gets published.We can take your raw manuscript and handle the entire publishing process for you . We will handle all editing, book designs, printing , and deliver printed books at your doorstep for you to place in bookshops or distribute at your events. This has a been a satisfactory method of market entry for most new writers before they eventually become well known.

Electronic books are the future of publishing. Having your book in this format makes it available for purchase and immediate download over the internet. Your book has greater portability and can be readable over a wider range of mediums especially ebook-readers as well as mobile devices and even on computers. We are able to convert your books for consumption through these devices and in formats such as epub, mobi , flipbook , and also as resident apps for use on the various mobile platforms.

Audiobooks combine the portability of ebooks with the convenience of having a book read to the purchaser on-the-go, and throuh portable mp3 players , while working, walking, driving, resting or doing just about anything. We are able to take your book and have it read and recorded by studio professionals and then packaged for distribution in whatever format you prefer.

For a fee, we are able to place your ebook and audiobooks in over a dozen online book stores , promote them and handle your royalty remitances. We do not handle physical books.



Web applications
If you run a business or any activity that requires participation by the public you really may not exist without a web site. But there is not just one way to build a web site ; the design, theme, structure and interactiveness must be right else the purpose may be defeated. To create an effective website, your developers must know what they are doing. We have been building websites since 2001; we know what works.
We not only build websites, we create useful web-hosted applications which can take your business to newer levels. We create ecommerce platforms, content management systems, social networking sites , intranets and just about any application tailored to your specific purpose.

Mobile applications
In more than half of the world today, access to internet is more commonly through mobile devices,. This is the fruit of the growing convergence between mobile and web applications. We create web-hosted mobile applications to give your web presence an even wider reach. We also create hybrid applications which combine the good points of a resident and web-hosted mobile applications to give your marketing even more flexibility.

Social media
How would you like to get an even wider reach through the popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and dozens of others? We have helped sever companies and individuals achieve this desireable corporate goal. Create noticeable presence on social media, create followers, engage your followerson a constant basis: we do these very well.



We have asisted clients to create a range of video resources in marketing, explanatory, documentary, education, entertainment, and book trailer categories.



Technical Documentation - Web and Mobile Apps - Audio , Video and Multimedia Presentations

Multimedia content contracting, development and publishing.